This week, Americans…

Okay, this title was a stretch.  I admit it.  Go ahead and put the word “readers” in the place of “Americans.”  It works!

If you haven’t caught the trend yet, every one of my entry titles is that of a song by Stephen Sondheim.  I’m a huge Musical Theatre geek and Sondheim is my favourite.  That being said, when I started this blog I decided to challenge myself to use only Sondheim titles.  So far, so good.  (kind of)

You should know that this is not a real post.  I have a real post and it’s going to be a doozy.  However, I have to take care of a few things in the real world before I share it here.  Wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise…

In the meantime, I thought I’d bring you some music.  Music is the language of my soul.  Is it one of the love languages?  No?  Well, it should be.  So today, I bring you Sara Bareilles, whom I shall henceforth refer to as “Writer of my life’s soundtrack.”  She truly should have won last night…

Head on over to YouTube and check these out.  If you don’t own these albums, you NEED to.  Life will be better.  Go now.  I’ll wait…


Good, right?  You’re welcome!

These two songs are duking it out for the title of “Theme Song for the Week”

Let the Rain because of this lyric: “I want to darken in the skies; open the floodgates up. I want to change my mind. I want to be enough. I want the water in my eyes. I want to cry until the end of time. I want to let the rain come down…”

Tread Water for this: “I’m getting weary waiting for the harbour lights to change.  I’ve forgotten what I do it for but I tread water just the same.  And I’ll never let this pair of hands forget to pull their weight; this burden may be more than I would like to bear but less than I can take.”


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